BLOG / November 21 2017

Embroidery samplers—A new batch!

During the year I host a number of embroidery workshops in which I teach basic and complex stitches and techniques. I get to meet people that are so passionate about embroidery that you wouldn’t believe the number of scissors, hoops, books, and specialty threads they carry in their cases each class.

So today I’m proudly presenting some of the works these girls have created. From top to bottom: Sussy Bastías, Loreto Pineda, Paula Astete, Alejandra Montecino, and María José Peña.

For these samplers we follow the same process described in Colour Confident Stitching. Each student chooses an image that resonates with her in terms of color. It can be any theme, color is the only thing that matters. I always recommend choosing photographs that have been professionally produced to ensure they work beautifully. Then we carefully select the colors and build the palette for the sampler. We assign one full session just to choose colors and it’s so worth it! What do you think?

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