BLOG / December 25 2017

Christmas stars from Slovenia

These stars are the best Christmas gift I could have received!

Bojana and Janja from Slovenia were inspired by my Christmas Stars tutorial and carried out a volunteer workshop in an educational center for disabled adults. They all together made a bunch of stars to decorate the Christmas tree. It touches my heart to see all these people winding the stars!

When I make and share a project here on my blog I never know who may read it, how it may be interpreted and what may be made out of it. It blows my mind to discover that one of my ideas has jumped into the world and become a communal endeavor like this one in Slovenia or a lovely personal project somewhere else.

If you’ve ever tried one of my tutorials, do share with me your creations! Sometimes you can follow a tutorial to the T but then there are other times when you just feel inspired by it and do something completely different. Whichever is your case I’d love to see what you made and listen to your experience with it!

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